EPUAP 2018

The conference will take place in Rome, Italy between 12 -14 September 2018.

The conference theme is:

Interdisciplinary teamwork and technological innovations: A winning approach to pressure ulcer management



  • Innovations in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment: From cells to humans, from bioengineering to clinical practice
  • Basic science: Biomechanics and aetiology
  • Overcoming communication difficulties: Telemedicine for remote pressure ulcer management consultations
  • Modern wound care centers: Essentials for success
  • Multidisciplinary pressure ulcer prevention and treatment in our most fragile patients: From the premature to the aged population
  • Complex and atypical pressure ulcers
  • Public and patient involvement in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment
  • Pressure ulcer management during humanitarian missions
  • Neonatal and pediatric pressure ulcer management
  • Dermatological, plastic, reconstructive surgery for pressure ulcers

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