Board Members statements and CV

Executive Members

Sundeep KeswaniPresident 

Anna Barbara Schluer, President Elect
I believe that ISPeW as a society is an essential network for colleagues and friends, professionals and families to exchange the expertise and passion when caring for children and their families all over. These children need the society and its professionalism. The member of the society provide best practice in skin- and woundcare for the most vulnerable patients we can think of – everyday – around the world. 
My goal as taking over the presidency in November 2019, first time this passion will be held by a nurse, is to bring the society and it’s unique professionalism further around the world and reflects real multiprofessional expertise. 

Curriculum Vitae

Timothy KingVice-President 

Guido Ciprandi, Past President

Amulya K Saxena, Treasurer
As a Neonatal and Pediatric Surgeon often wound related problems can be challenging to manage and achieve excellent outcomes. My interest in neonatal and pediatric wound healing is focused on the bed-side application of innovative techniques and developing surgical approaches to overcome these issues. My future contribution will involve utilizing the societies resources towards  evidence based approach to the management of wound care in children.

Curriculum Vitae

Giorgio La ScalaSecretary General


Rene Amaya
I'm fortunate to appreciate that the world is filled vast array of individuals with amazing talent
and beautiful minds. To limit my expertise in pediatric wound care to the "Texan" or American
perspective would be naive and unfair to my patients and their parents. ISPeW allows me to
interact and learn from experts from all over the world as well as share my own ideas with other
leaders in the field. I'm grateful for the opportunities ISPeW has given me to make me a better
wound care physician

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Honorary/Emeritus Members

Ellie Lindsay, Honorary Member
It is an honour to be on the board of an organisation dedicated to caring for and supporting children who need specialist wound care. By building strong relationships with the child and their family, ISPeW can help them to make changes which, in some cases, can be life changing. 
As an independent specialist practitioner, it is a privilege to work alongside a board of renowned paediatric specialists who are motivated and proud of their part in providing this unique and vital care. With love and selflessness, they ensure the highest standard of evidence based wound care is delivered to vulnerable paediatric patients internationally

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ISPeW Trustees


Amit Gefen, Professor of Biomedical Engineering - Tel Aviv University
I have developed and am leading a novel research stream focusing on understanding device-related pressure ulcers in pediatrics, evaluating technologies to mitigate the problem and bringing biomedical engineering innovation into this field. As a professor of biomedical engineering, I feel that engineers can and should contribute to minimizing device-related pressure ulcers – including in pediatric care, which is my focus and a career interest. 

Curriculum Vitae

Prisca Wasem, Physiotherapist - Department of Paediatrics, University of Geneva Children's Hospital
Despite today’s many communication options it is mandatory to be even closer to our patients and colleagues. All over the world incredible human beings devote their time and dedication to the care of wounded children. 
To spend time with same-minded colleagues, share the knowledge and new advances in wound care, and develop joint clinical and research projects, this is the role of ISPEW, which allowed me to meet incredible and knowledgeable people dedicated to the childrens well being